Are you the student nurse that always has to run to the supply room because you always forget one thing or another when trying to practice skills on patients? WELL look no further. Here's 5 clinical essentials that will have you ready for almost anything you need to do while on your 'shift' [aside from major items like IV catheters, NG tubes, syringes, etc].  The video is detailed but still fun and friendly.

I would say 10 mL syringes to dc catheters or give IV meds should have made the list too, but I wanted the 5 things I use the most often to be on the official list.

In this video I just give a brief description of what I use to organize the things I have to do to prepare for each exam using a brain. I hope you enjoy.

Its officially "Free to Be me Friday" and today I wanted to talk about encouraging others. I have listened to Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers song "Encourage Yourself" a billion times and I always take heed to it. Recently, I have had the opportunity to encourage friends in those moments when they feel like they can't go on anymore. I am natrally optimistic so its nothing for me to look at the bright side.


Valentines day is approaching and everybody will be showing their loved ones how much they love them from the past year and for this new year. I find it funny that throughout the other 364/365 days (leap year) people don't put forth as much effort to show their significant others how much they love them.

Featuring the edible, incredible, extraordinary, exquisite, exceptional, extraordinary EGG. The egg is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. You can use it for a variety of things from emulsifying/biding foods, to being a breakfast staple, to strengthening your hair. Yes, I did say for your hair. Eggs are protein's finest creation on this side of heaven. They are packed with vitamins, cholesterol, and proteins to strengthen hair and make it more shiny.


1-1.5 cups frozen fruit mix  (pineapple, strawberry, mango, and peach mix) 2-3 Tbsp peach yogurt (any flavor works but I picked this one for the tropical theme) 1-1.5 Tsp Honey (substitute with agave nectar, sugar, vanilla almond milk or even banana) 1/4-1/3 cup apple juice (substitute with water or any other type of juice) ** Optional : 

1/2 cup of ice to thicken (more or less just adjust to the thickness you like) 1 piece of each fruit on top (eat them later for a snack and

There are so many things I'm inspired by whether it be a line from a movie or something that should be brought to recognition by mainstream America. One of the things I'm most inspired by is music because like love it seems to be a universal language. Something we all understand without even knowing or understanding the specific language. I usually listen to music that evokes thought, helps me to deal with problems I may be going through, or makes me feel liberated.



II woke up this morning not knowing if my friend was going to pick me up or not so when I found out she couldn't I went to my church website and attended the live stream of the message. I'm glad I did the message was one I think a lot of people need to hear.


The message this morning came from Philippians 4:1-14 

1 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters,[a] stay true to the Lord.


The movies, music, and music videos today are tainted by sexual innuendos to sell their products. Music videos are typically obliterated with women gyrating their bodies for viewer entertainment. The industry tells us that sex sells and there are many studies that have been conducted saying more attractive people do better with job promotion, hiring, and pay. Beauty is glorified evn more than brains today it seems.

Most days I wear my hair in 1 of 3 styles. Either protective styles like braids or two strand twists, ponytails or puffs for fast and easy on the go days, and on those days I'm feeling my self and have a few extra minutes to get ready I rock my 'fro. The days I choose to wear my hair in a 'fro I'm often plagued with compliments of how pretty, long, and healthy my hair looks or the question of "how did you get your hair like that, because I've been thinking about going natural".